Saturday, 11 October 2014

Gift Bag

A few months ago,
 I was commissioned to
 photograph a couple's wedding.
The theme for the wedding,
 was Hessian & Vintage Lace,
 with bouquets of Dried Flowers.
This was a lovely combination of ideas,
 which was certainly perfect for their day.

Once I had completed
 their wedding package of photos onto discs,
 with a DVD,
 I then made a bag incorporating hessian,
 with a  hint of lace to use to store the collection.
Needless to say,
the newlyweds
 were very happy,
 with the finished package,
 of their very special day.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Silk Collection

All the fabric used for the silk buntings,
 was actually taken,
 from a manufacturer's sample book,
 that a furniture/fabric shop would have.

They have been very successful,
and since viewed by family and friends,
 I have now been commissioned
 to make further bunting in silk,
 to decorate a top table for a wedding.

I have certainly been well pleased
 to have recycled these fabric samples
 in such a way.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Just for H A R R Y

Well please with the final result
of this personnalised cushion,
 for my neice's baby's 1st birthday.
With the colours used, a seaside theme seemed really appropriate.
Bunting was made!
Enough made for this little boy's room,
but also spare bunting made to bring out for birthdays.
This theme,
 further complimented with a four window picture,
 the pictures taken from items within the fabric design.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
All gratefully received.
Such a success!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bunting & More Bunting. . . . .

Well, it's certainly been quite awhile since I've updated this blog, 
but initially, I set this blog to view any craft/sewing projects I managed to do.
But, my love of nature etc did creep in & eventually start to dominate.
This was one reason for not adding onto this post.
~   ~   ~   ~   ~
But, once again, with recent  projects, 
I have a post that relates to what this blog was intended for.

I had  a request recently to make
 personalised bunting for two sisters.
Initially, I did feel daunted 
at the thought of adding lettering,
 something I've never done before.
With some patience, I managed to complete this project.
Stitching the lettering was a bit tricky in places, 
but I was certainly please with the results.


I couldn't resist making some bunting 
for my own use,
 when I discovered some 
beautiful ribbons relating to a British feel,
 ideal to put to use with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Because the ribbons aren't too intrusive,
the bunting can be used for lots of  other occasions.

Last year, my niece had an official Naming Ceremony for her baby daughter,
held in her parents garden.
I made the bunting for this wonderful occasion,
 bunting certainly pretty enough for such a special little girl!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Daffodils in Spring

Heads bowed together,

A wonderful display of the springtime Yellow!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Already into February! 
And yet in some respects, I am not too sorry.
Winter certainly does feel like a time,
 to hibernate in the comfort of your home!

It's so good to see the morning & evening light increasing,
 as I dislike going to work in the dark
 & returning in the dark.

A pet hate is also having to de-ice the car early in the morning.
causing the fingers to go numb,
 regardless if you're wearing the thickess of gloves.
~  ~  ~  ~
But, dispite these aggravations,
I do believe in the quotation that my daughter has,
 displayed on a wooden plaque.

A Happy Weekend to You All!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Winter certainly not all dull grey horrible days!
~   ~   ~   ~
As I approached my front door,
I was reminded that the daylight is starting to draw out,
& therefore,
 fortunate enough,
 to witness the last of the sun's rays settling,
  before the night sets in.

The colours of the late afternoon hours,
 mirrored the colours of the indoor growing hyacinths

With the close-ups of the plants,
it's certainly makes one aware,
 to appreciate the colours,
 represented again towards the end of the day!

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Frosty weather certainly do transform
the plants in the garden....

And even the leaves on the ground.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

1st January 2011

Sincerely hope 2011 takes you
on the pathway you  are hoping to follow

And lead you to where you want to be

Enjoy the New Year  Day's
& the days to come....

Friday, 24 December 2010

Beyond the Tinsel....

These photos were taken last Sunday,
 as I was delivering Christmas cards in my village.
Not the easiest of walking with all the snow & icy conditions,
but as the light was gradually disappearing for the day,
I took a shorter route via the Church.

Just loved how the church was portrayed with the snow,
& with the darkening colours of the sky,
just looked magical & very seasonal.
A very appropriate walk,
 when we reflect why we have the CHRISTMAS tradition!

Today, Christmas Eve!
Just one more night....

Wishing everyone a
 Very Happy & Peaceful Christmas!